The Bridges of Madison County, Riverside Center for the Performing Arts, 2023

“Hick used her lush voice in such numbers as “To Build a Home” and “Always Better.” She brought a long-suffering weariness to her role…a triumph of high art.” – William Powell, DC Theatre Arts

“Hick is the perfect choice to play the emotionally torn Francesca — and her exquisite vocals shine on multiple occasions throughout the production. “

“… the real showstopper is Hick and Foote’s passionate delivery of “Before and After You/A Million Miles,” with all its volcanic emotions and notes.” -Gail Choochan, The Freelance Star

The Sound of Music, Ivoryton Playhouse, 2023

“With a crisp, clear, endearing soprano voice, she brings a fresh excitement, stir and musicality to this revival, offset by a charismatic persona and charm that she projects with confidence, truth and believability. Her Maria is one of determination, realness and spark that befits the material, makes it glide and slide, charm and cajole and makes you forget about all those other Maria’s out there from Julie Andrews, Petula Clark and Sally Anne Howes to Laura Benanti, Carrie Underwood and Rebecca Luker.
Acting wise and vocally, Hick is full beam lustre mixed with anxious delight, glorious enthusiasm, lively spirit and genuine Broadway savvy. Every song she is asked to sing – “Do-Re-Me,” “I Have Confidence in Me.” “My Favorite Things,” among others – is rich, expressive, full of heart, color and melodic interpretation.”   -Jim Ruocco, CT Critics’ Circle

“Adrianne Hick gives us a beautifully sung and acted Maria. She truly seems “in the moment” at all times, portraying the confusion and later certainty and determination of the character. Her clear soprano does justice to all the songs–from “The Sound of Music” to “Do Re Mi.” Her duets with Capt. von Trap (David Pittsinger) blend their voices beautifully.” -Karen Isaacs, Zip06

“Ivoryton’s production features Adrianne Hick as Maria Rainer. From the moment Hick steps onto the stage and spins about during the titular song, she is wonderful. Her performance will satisfy any lover of the film, and she also brings her own warmth, joy, and energy to the role. Maria is a character who loves with open arms, which the Mother Abbess points out herself right before intermission, and Hick embodies that compassionate and heartfelt character to the fullest extent. Her Maria is kind and motherly, giddy and stubborn. She flits about the stage with the same joy that the children do, and yet she can then return to the grounded moments of sudden connection with the Captain, or the moments of uncertainty as the political threat of the Nazi party threatens to boil over into their lives, with precise control. With a wonderful voice and a look not too far from the beloved Julie Andrews portrayal, I truly enjoyed her performance in all its facets.” – Kiersten Bjork, CT Critics Circle

Ragtime, Riverside Center for the Performing Arts, 2023

“Adrianne Hick, who starred in Riverside’s production of ‘Bright Star,’ is sublime in the role of big-hearted Mother.” – Suzanne Carr Rossi, The Freelance Star

“Adrianne Hick, who starred in Riverside’s “Bright Star,” is radiant here as Mother.” –

Bright Star, Riverside Center for the Performing Arts, 2021

“Adrianne Hick is stunning as Alice Murphy, who introduces herself with the song “If You Knew My Story.”  The story, told between the 1920s and ’40s in the American South, proves to be a powerful and transformative one that is full of both heartbreak and hope.”
-DC Metro Theater Arts

“With one of the biggest voices in the cast, Adrianne Hick is a radiating presence onstage as she balances her portrayal of adult Alice and young Alice in flashbacks. She successfully conveys the carefree innocence of youth, as well as the pain from unspeakable loss and the strength to keep going.”

“In the beautifully staged number “Way Back in the Day,” Alice brings audiences with her back to Zebulon as she seamlessly transitions from a buttoned-up professional to a spirited barefoot teenager—her voice soaring as she shares her happier beginnings.”
-Freelance Star

Fun Home, American Stage, 2019

“Hick holds the show together, the glue that connects all of the pieces. We sense the person she is, a strong soul trying to understand her weaker father and why he did what he did. She’s so riveting, yet so grounded and vulnerable. All three of these performers give incredible performances…FUN HOME has found a perfect home at American Stage.”
-Broadway World

“Adrianne is absolutely flawless in this role. Hick both watches and becomes part of the story, but sometimes it’s a just a facial expression that highlights the key moments. Adrianne plays the adult Alison with sincerity, humor and a gorgeous voice. Alison, in all three renditions, takes your breath away.”
Groove Magazine

“That’s the beauty of a new production of Fun Home at American Stage. A story as personal as Alison’s deserves an intimate space, and here it gets one. You’re so close to Alison, so immersed in her memory, that you feel, for better and worse, a bit like Bechdel yourself. You’ll be glad American Stage pulled you in to see it.”
-Tampa Bay Times

” The “present” Alison…played wonderfully by Adrianne Hick… is always onstage, reliving these memories, either in the background writing or moving among the players of the time, gaining insight, alternately reveling in the joy of better times and overcome with emotional anguish at not having recognized certain things when they happened, or not being able to go back and change them. …This is a profound work, brilliantly executed across the board.
-Creative Loafing

Bright Star, Surflight Theatre, 2018

“If you don’t get to Surflight Theatre to check out its last musical of the 2018 summer season, “Bright Star,” then you are going to miss out on one of the best, perhaps the best, performance by an actress at the Beach Haven landmark in the last 30 years. Adrianne Hick’s portrayal of the show’s pivotal character, Alice Murphy, is nothing short of spectacular.

Hick also showed she can sing in more than one musical style. She’s a musical theater performer, but in “Bright Star” it seems she’d be just at home in Nashville.”

“The joys of Surflight’s Bright Star are many. First and foremost a stellar cast lead by Adrianne Hick who plays Alice Murphy in a tour- de- force style on steroids!”
-Broadway World

For Company, Lyric Stage Co. of Boston, 2016

“I’ve never seen the plum role of April (Adrianne Hick) done better.”
-Wall Street Journal

“In “Barcelona,” Robert and April’s yearning bedroom duet, Ambrosino and Hick wonderfully cover the emotional feints and parries that grant Robert the misfortune of getting what he wants.”
-The Boston Globe

“Hick shows a genuine flair for comedy in the role of the flighty flight attendant who Bobby brings home for the night, only to be flummoxed when she succumbs to his (not-so-sincere) plea to play hooky and stay (“Barcelona”). Hick’s lovely singing is icing on the cake. “
-Broadway World

“April – a heavenly Adrianne Hick”

“Adrianne Hick’s rambunctious “Barcelona”…worth the price of admission.”
-Joyce Kulhawik,

South Pacific, The Wick Theatre, 2016


“Adrianne Hick sparkled as Nellie Forbush, with a great voice and a solid range of emotions from her early giddy romantic swoons to the later real fear of losing her Frenchman…”
-Marie Speed, Boca Magazine

“…when Hick lets loose her unabashedly ecstatic declaration “I’m in love with a wonderful guy,” the audience is a goner.”
-Bill Hirschman, Florida Theatre On Stage

For South Pacific, The Ivoryton Playhouse, 2015


“She is, quite simply, a delight…Some actresses can sing the role, while other actresses can act the role, but Hick does both with style, aplomb and an infectious glee that makes you yearn for and anticipate her next appearance on stage. One senses that with each of her numbers — “A Cockeyed Optimist,” “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair,” “A Wonderful Guy” and “Honey Bun” — the audience had to restrain itself from calling for encores. She’s just that good.
Adrianne Hick’s performance, in itself, makes it worth the drive out to the tiny, picturesque town of Ivoryton.”
-Geary Danihy -CT Critics Circle

“Hick is a natural charmer, funny, kind, up-beat and easy-going and she neatly lands her solos including “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair” and “Wonderful Guy.”
-Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant


“Playing opposite Emile as the vivacious nurse from Little Rock, Ensign Nellie Forbush, is the delightfully enthusiastic Adrianne Hick, who grabs us immediately as she describes herself as “A Cockeyed Optimist” and continues to enthrall us with washing that man out of her hair and “Honey Bun.” She has a crystal-clear vocal range that is perfect for those melodic Rogers and Hammerstein songs.”
-Don Church and Tony Schillaci, Critics On The Aisle


“Leading this cast as Nellie Forbush is the gorgeous, statuesque blonde, Adrianne Hick. She does an excellent job as Nellie, the spunky nurse. Adrianne’s lovely voice is heard in “Cock-eyed Optomist”, “My Girl Back Home”, “Wash That Man” and “Wonderful Guy” and she makes the transition from wide eyed hick to mature woman when she overcomes her prejudices by the end of the show. Her comic side is seen in “Honey Bun” with Billis while her dramatic side is shown when she thinks Emile is dead. This gutwrenching moment moves the audience to tears. “
-Tony Annicone, The Theatre Mirror

The Sensational 70s, Fireside Theatre, 2015

“Picking out the most memorable numbers is difficult when there are so many outstanding ones, but here are a few that were especially well delivered: Foote and Hick’s soulful rendering of “You Don’t Send Me Flowers” and Hick’s beautifully nuanced “Send in the Clowns,” Sondheim’s best ballad.”
-JULIE McHALE – TimeOut Theater Critic,

Other People’s Money, Hampton Theatre Company, 2013

“As Kate, Ms. Hick uses all her feminine wiles to play up the come-hither-and-then-I’m-going-to-tear-you-into-bite-sized-pieces character. She’s quite convincing and a little scary, oozing sex appeal all the while. The word “maneater” comes to mind, but in a good way…”
-Dawn Watson, The East Hampton Press

Sondheim’s You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow, The Bickford Theatre, 2013
“Now, the absolute highlight of the evening is the overall performance of Adrianne Hick. She displayed star-quality in every number, but her “Send In The Clowns” was a major showstopper. Director Hafen mentioned to us that Hick was a walk-in at the open auditions. No one on the Bickford casting team knew anything about her. Wow, a star is born.”
-Rick Busciglio, Examiner

“Adrianne Hick, whose interpretation and vocalization of Sondheim’s lyrics are consistently strong, does full justice to “Send in the Clowns.” I regret that her “Another Hundred People” is truncated here as it seems that she is on the way to delivering the terrifying, escalating desperation that too few interpreters bring to this musical masterpiece.”
– Bob Rendell, Talkin’ Broadway

“But there are some lovely, familiar touches as well, such as “Send in the Clowns” from “A Little Night Music.” It’s hauntingly sung by Adrianne Hick, a super talented singer who also plays the cello. Her interpretation of “Being Alive” and “Another Hundred People” from “Company” are also winners.”
The Alternative Press

“Adrianne Hick powers her way through “Another Hundred People” (from “Company”) and returns for the climactic “Clowns” showstopper.”
William Westhoven